Welcome to SCMP!

GroupPicThe Steele County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse and Auxiliary was organized in 1966 to assist the Sheriff and the communities they serve by providing additional patrolling and mobility in areas of limited access. They represent the Steele County Sheriff’s Office in parades and local celebrations. The Posse is called out by the Sheriff to perform such duties as search and rescue, assist in securing crime and accident scenes, patrol at the Steele County Fair and other situations where they can be utilized to assist the Sheriff’s Office.

The SCMP is made up of 20 active and 5 inactive members who are all volunteers. They own and care for their horses and maintain their own equipment, which includes using their own trucks and trailers to transport their horses to and from any of the events they are called upon for assistance.

They attend mandatory trainings, such as CPR and first aid, search and rescue scenarios, use of force both on the ground and from horseback, and sensory training for the horses to help desensitize them to many situations they may encounter.

SCMP is a nonprofit organization that maintains a sense of civic responsibility through local activities, such as wagon trains, directing traffic at the Steele-Waseca Electric annual meeting, Shop with a Cop where they are given an amount of money to take a child shopping for necessary schools supplies, and participation in a childrens safety camp where the goal is to promote a positive presence of law enforcement in the community.

SCMP hosts fund raising activities, such as an annual pancake breakfast, MSMPA (Minnesota Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Association) wagon train, and the MSMPA annual convention, where some of the funds generated from these activities are donated to the Children’s Hospital & Clinics of Minnesota, scholarships and donations to other local organizations.

Even in today’s high-tech, fast-paced society, the SCMP has demonstrated the uncompromised utility of the horse.